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Boxe amador: atributos físicos e fisiológicos.

Amateur Boxing: Physical and Physiological Attributes

Boxing is one of the oldest combat sports. The aim of the current review is to critically analyze the amateur boxer’s physical and physiological characteristics and to provide practical recommendations for training as well as new areas of scientific research. High-level male and female boxers show a propensity for low body fat levels. Although studies on boxer somatotypes are limited, the available information shows that elite-level male boxers are characterized by a higher proportion of mesomorphy with a well-developed muscle mass and a low body fat level. To help support the overall metabolic demands of a boxing match and to accelerate the recovery process between rounds, athletes of both sexes require a high level of cardiorespiratory fitness. International boxers show a high peak and mean anaerobic power output. Muscle strength in both the upper and lower limbs is paramount for a fighter’s victory and is one of the keys to success in boxing. As boxing punches are brief actions and very dynamic, high-level boxing performance requires well-developed muscle power in both the upper and lower limbs. Albeit limited, the available studies reveal that isometric strength is linked to high-level boxing performance. Future investigations into the physical and physiological attributes of boxers are required to enrich the current data set and to help create a suitable training program.

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Curso de Especialização "Treinamento para esportes de combate" na EEFE-USP

Data das aulas:
26 a 31/01/2015
2 a 7/02/2015
20 e 21/07/2015
22 a 25/07/2015
27 a 31/07/2015
08, 15, 22 e 29/08/2015
19 e 26/09/2015
8 a 11/12/2015
14 a 21/12/2015
18 a 20/01/2016
Disciplinas: Introdução ao curso; Aprendizagem Motora aplicada às modalidades esportivas de combate; Fisiologia das modalidades esportivas de combate; Gestão e organização aplicadas às modalidades esportivas de combate; Medidas e avaliação de lutadores; Pedagogia aplicada às modalidades esportivas de combate; Nutrição aplicada às modalidades esportivas de combate; Treinamento em longo prazo nas modalidades esportivas de combate; Biomecânica aplicada às modalidades esportivas de combate; Treinamento físico aplicado às modalidades esportivas de combate; Análise técnico-tática de lutas
Coordenação: Emerson Franchini
Vice-Coordenação: Profa. Dra. Maria Tereza Silveira Bohme
Prof. Dr. Guilherme Artioli
Profa. Dra. Flávia da Cunha Bastos
Prof. Dr. Heraldo Simões Ferreira
Profa. Dra. Daniele Detanico
Prof. Ms. Leandro Mazzei
Profa. Ms. Ursula Julio
Prof. Ms. Braulio Henrique Magnani
Prof. Marcus Agosttinho
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