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Comparação da estrutura temporal e de variáveis técnicas e táticas em diferentes grupos etários em lutas do judô feminino

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A comparison of time-motion and technical–tactical variables between age groups of female judo matches
Journal of Sports Sciences
Bianca Miarka, Rubiana CuryRicardo JulianettiRafael BattazzaUrsula Julio, Michel Calmet & Emerson Franchini*
The aim of the study was to verify differences between age groups of female judo matches in time-motion and technical–tactical analysis. The sample was composed of pre-cadet (13–14 years, n = 148), cadet (15–16 years, n = 228), junior (17–19 years, n = 104) and senior (>20 years, n = 237) groups. The time-motion indicators consisted of total combat time, standing combat time, displacement without contact, gripping time, total time of techniques, groundwork combat time and pause time, per match and by each combat/pause cycle. Technical and tactical variables were also collected. The one-way analysis of variance and a post hoc test were conducted, P ≤ 0.05. Cadets, with a median of 7 (2, 12), had a number of combat/pause cycles different from junior, with 3 (1, 8.5). Regarding time-motion per match and per cycle, senior had longer total combat time, standing combat time and gripping time than other groups. Senior presented lower frequency of leg techniques than pre-cadet, cadet and junior. Time-motion and technical–tactical variables effects in female judo athletes emphasise the difference between seniors and other groups.

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