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Artigo sobre TKD na International SportMed Journal

Physiological responses during taekwondo training and competition
Objective: The study aimed to review physiological responses to training and either simulated or official competition in adult World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) taekwondo athletes. Data sources: The following databases were search: Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar and PubMed indexed articles published until January 2014.Study selection: One hundred and forty-seven studies were retrieved using the following terms: “taekwondo and physiology”, “taekwondo and heart rate”, taekwondo and blood lactate”, “taekwondo and hormones”, “taekwondo and time-motion”, “taekwondo and competition” and “taekwondo and training”. Data extraction: Twelve articles were selected, because they were conducted with WTF adult taekwondo athletes and measured heart rate, blood lactate and oxygen consumption in taekwondo combat competitions, competition simulations, isolated combat simulations or training sessions and were published in peer-reviewed journals. Data synthesis: Studies demonstrated a high cardiovascular solicitation and a moderate to high aerobic demands during taekwondo specific training exercises. Due to the high variability of heart rate responses and blood lactate concentration during simulated taekwondo combat, further investigations are needed. When considering the energy system contribution, the only study available reported the predominance of the aerobic metabolism followed by the anaerobic alactic, which is the determinant during decisive actions. A high cardiovascular demand with most of the time spent exercising at high-intensity and maximum heart rate zone has been found during official combat. For blood lactate concentrations, studies reported moderate to relatively high values. Conclusions: There are limited studies about physiological responses during taekwondo specific training exercises, simulated and official combat. Future studies seem to be needed, especially those that will be conducted within official taekwondo matches and/or specific taekwondo exercise sessionKeywords: taekwondo, physiology, competition, training, exercise
Associate Professor Emerson Franchini, Mr Montassar Tabben, Dr Helmi Chaabène

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