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Artigo no prelo sobre karate

Asian Journal of Sports Medicine 2013. 0(0):.

Physiological and perceived exertion responses during international karate kumite competition
Montassar Tabben, Rim Sioud, Monoem Haddad, Emerson Franchini, Anis Chaouachi, Karim Chamari, Claire Tourny-Chollet


Purpose: Investigate the physiological and perceived exertion responses of elite karate athletes and establish the relationship between a subjective method (Session-RPE) and two objective heart-rate (HR) based methods to quantify training-load (TL) during international karate competition.
Methods: Eleven karatekas took part in this study, but only data from seven athletes who completed three matches in a international tournament were used (mean±SD - four men, age 22.5±1.2-years, body mass 76.2±8.5-kg, %body-fat 7.5±1.6%, height 1.83±0.06-m, and competition experience 5±1-years; - three women, age 22.3±0.3-years, body mass 56.9 ± 6.9-kg, %body-fat 18.4 ± 4.6%, height 1.70±0.05-m, and competition experience 5±1-years). The data inclusion criteria were the successful measurement of HR, blood lactate [La-], and rating-of-perceived-exertion (RPE) across three matches during competition. Data from 21 combats were successfully recorded.
Results: Means total fights’ time, HR, %HRmax, [La-], and RPE were 4.7±1.6-min, 182±9-bpm, 91±3%, 9.02±2.12-mmol/L and 4.2±1.2, respectively. No significant differences in %HRmax, [La-], and RPE were observed across combats. Significant correlations were observed between RPE and both resting HR (r=0.60; P=0.004) and mean HR (r=0.64; P=0.02), session-RPE and Banister training impulse (TRIMP) (r=0.84; P<0.001) and Edwards TL (r=0.77; P<0.01). Banister TRIMP and Edwards TL were also correlated (r=0.95; P<0.001).
Conclusion: International karate competition elicited near-maximal cardiovascular responses, high blood lactate concentrations, but there was not any variation in competitors’ RPE, [La-] and %HRmax across combats. Karate coaches who seek to quantify competition loads could use the RPE-method as it has been shown to be correlated to both Banister TRIMP and Edwards TL.


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