quinta-feira, 18 de julho de 2013

Diferenças de gênero durante o lunge da esgrima

Gender differences in the kinetics and lower extremity kinematics of the fencing lunge

Sinclair, Jonathan; Bottoms, Lindsay
International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, Volume 13, Number 2, August 2013 , pp. 440-451(12)

Whilst studies have used participants of both genders in fencing research, there is a paucity of research investigating differences in the kinematics of male and female fencers. The aim of this study was to investigate gender differences in the kinetics and kinematics measured during the epee fencing lunge. Lower extremity kinematic data were obtained from eight male and eight female club level epee fencers using a 3D motion capture system as they completed simulated lunges. Independent t-tests were performed on the data to determine whether differences existed. The results observed no differences in kinetics during the lunge between genders. In addition there were no differences in the kinematics of the back leg between genders. However, females produced greater knee abduction at the end of the lunge as well as greater hip adduction. The results indicate that females could be at a greater risk of knee injuries due to the greater knee abduction and hip adduction produced during the fencing lunge.

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