quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

Artigo do Koga: acho que ele tem mais facilidade para recrutar os calouros da universidade para fazer os teses : )


Influence of a 3-month training program on muscular damage and neutrophil function in male university freshman judoists
Toshihiko Koga,a,b Takashi Umeda,a Arata Kojima,c Masaru Tanabe,a,c Yousuke Yamamoto,c Ippei Takahashi,a Hiroki Iwasaki,a Kaori Iwane,d Masashi Matsuzakaa and Shigeyuki Nakajia*
ABSTRACT: We studied the effects of a high intensity and high frequency 3-month training program on muscle damage and neutrophil function in male judoists. The study included 15 male judoists who started intensive judo training program after a 6-month break. Creatine kinase (CK), neutrophil counts and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production capability as well as phagocytic activity (PA) of neutrophils were measured at 2 stages; entering university (pre-training) and after 3-month training (post-training). At both points, we investigated parameters three times: just before, immediately after and 24h after a 2-h practice session. Practice-mediated change in CK was lower at post-training than at pre-training. Neutrophil count significantly increased after 2-h practice but recovered 24 h later whereas it showed no subsequent and further increased at 24h post-practice. Although neutrophil ROS production capability and PA both decreased (breakdown) after practice session, ROS production capability increased and PA decreased (well-adapted) at the post-training. Long-term training strengthened muscular function and improved neutrophil reaction against practice-mediated stress.

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  1. é q tem o treino não voltado para prática, assim como tem o treino funcional e o treino não-funcional ou disfuncional : )