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Um doce para quem entender o inglês...

Volume 5, Issue 15, 2013, Pages 3956-3961

Based on the spss software t+ of weight control on taekwondo athletes' body function influence research

Shenyang Sports University, Shenyang 110102, China 


Weight control has become the ideal level of Taekwondo athletes participate in the competition the important method. According to the nine elite Taekwondo athletes as the research samples, research mainly by using the method of experiments, the experiments were carried out at six weeks, 1 times a week to sweat ion and the anaerobic capacity test and the four body fat content of the test, t test method for analysis of pre-race weight control on Athletes' body function influence. Results showed that, after a period of six weeks after the athlete's weight control, were highly significant changes in weight control; from the beginning of the third week, athlete's body weight and body fat content began to drop dramatically; through the test showed the percentage of body fat and lean body mass were decreased significantly; the anaerobic exercise capacity in athletes the weight control period was not changed significantly; from the beginning of the third week athletes sweat sodium and calcium ion concentration increased significantly, while carbon dioxide binding force is greatly reduced, until the end of sixth week weight control. By the appropriate increase in relaxation time and increase training of aerobic training proportion, can realize the athletes in weight control process to consume fat goal primarily, can provide excellent athletes to provide beneficial reference for weight control research.

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